Andrew Osidacz
July 13, 1964 - March 18, 2006
Jared Osidacz
April 4, 1997 - March18, 2006
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If Brantford Police can't shoot you they SLAPP. Waiting 3 yrs for Siskinds LLP Polvere To serve Adam Hill's affidavit in support of claims and protect their serial killer reputation ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE IN THE MATTER OF the Libel and Slander Act, R.S.O. 1990,e.L.12 AND IN THE MATTER OF an intended action BETWEEN: BRANTFORD POLICE SERVICES BOARD AND ADAM HILL Plaintiffs -and- RICHARD CHMURA Defendant NOTICE OF LIBEL AND INTENDED ACTION TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to Section 5(1) of the Libel & Slander Act, R.S.O.l990, the Brantford Police Services Board and Adam Hill, hereby complain of the comments, phrases and statements published by Richard Chmura ("Chmura") on Twitter address Richard chmura sr @.ChmuraSr in the form of 'tweets' regarding the Brantford Police Services Board and Adam Hill, on September 2,2015 and on subsequent dates. The following comments were broadcast to the world at large, and continue to be broadcast, on the internet within the meaning of the Libel and Slander Act: Twitter Post: September 2,2015 @Br arfifordPolice @mindyourmind_ca @Bullyingcanada what pro gress on the Brantford Police SIU investigations re-opened in January? Tolerance?" " -2Twitter Post: September 9,2015 "@BrantfordPolice @chmurasr @SlUontario Any serial killer among the officers?can't tell because names hidden from focus in20r4 Annual Report" Twitter Post: September 10, 2015 "@BrantfordPolice @BrantHealthUnit about washing hands? That's skill. Ex Chief McElveny sure washed his hands of Adam Hill's serial killings," Twitter Post: Septembet t3,2075 "@JacquesGallant Dealing with bad cops, the courts are as useless as the rags for inquiring minds who want the truth http:/" Twitter Post: September 13, 2015 o'Can we pick out mass shooters before they kill?-No but we must publicize serial killer cops after their Zndhttp:I|t co/xjvHUoGbrX @thespec" Twitter Post: September 16,2015 " @nationalpost @BrantfordPolice @SIUontario "..anyone who would murder police officer extremely dangerous" lSerial-killing cop -how dangerous?" Twitter Post: September 18, 2015 "@TheSpec Nothing compared to Brantford serial killer cop Adam Hill, At least this guy makes the headlines and we know what he looks like." Twitter Post: September 18, 2015 @Phil4Brant @Marclaferriere @danielletakacs @EXPVB all c ome home now Answer serial killer Adam Hill local question?l" " Twitter Post: September 20, 201 5 "Not as serious as Brantford serial killing cop Adam Hill. ldisciplined for 'serious' misconduct in past five years http:llt.col4ahrsZ36J,, Twitter Post: September 23,2015 "@Thespec Great ideas-why not publish Andrew osidacz's 2006 phone files confiscated by police after cop Adam Hill kilted him as only suspect?', I _?_ Twitter Post; September 23,2015 "Serial Killer Cop Adam Hill gets... anonymity! | Citizens hate this. Good cops have to hate this. http / /t,co / 4CYQ 8 JpOmI via @nationalpost" : Twitter Post: September 25,2015 "@Ont-Ombudsman It's been 9.5 years since your investigation into serial killer cop Adam Hill's first. Where is that investigation leading?" Twitter Post: September 28,2015 "@Phil4Brant you tweet #lifemeanslife? Your friend Vic Toews shields your friend Chief McElveny? Who answers for serial killer cop Adam Hill?' Twitter Post: September 29,2015 "@EXPSGamble Who prep'd Adam Hill after far worse-case @SIUOntario ?Preparing for worst-case @BrantfordPolice scenario https ://t. co/j 3 oD3 OmDIr" Twitter Post: October 1, 2015 @Ont-Ombudsman Nice pics but not killers. @BrantfordPolice offrcer Adam Hill killed multiple times. Still waiting. Stick to your knitting...', Twitter Post: October 2,2075 "@BrantfordPolice This crime doesn't pass the smell test. Will the K-9 witness testifu?" Twifter Post: October 6,2015 "@Thespec How much of a slam dunk case if the cops just shot to kill their suspect?" Twitter Post: October 7,2015 "Yes God help us vandervet like @TheExpositor censored reporting gunning by serial killer @BrantfordPolice Adam Hill ? http//t.colbX5c1wqoHl" : Twitter Post: October 14,2015 "@PaulBerton @EXPSGamble Explains no news oct 19 of SIU investigating Toews appo inting McElveny aft er Hi ll killings? https://t.co13X5ecAkU5w" -4Twitter Post: October 14,2015 "@BrantfordPolice @kingstonpolice @chrislewisl-I-S until good cops stand against rogues McElveny's serial killer cop is lethal risk @SlUOntario" Twitter Post: November 3, 2015 ""these officers...time to get their story straight" How long @siu to get @BrantfordPolice Adam Hill story straight?,' Twitter Post: November 4,2015 "@Thespec celebrity-but explains succinctly-same mouthpieces corupting @SlUontario investigations @BrantfordPolice Adam Hill? Dirtiest SHAME" Twitter Post: November 10, 2015 "How many mouthpieces squirm @SIUontario exposed by new investigations opened on 10 yr serial killer @BrantfordPolice? https ://" Twitter Post: November 10, 2015 "Report more locally-Who gags over Brantford serial killer cop Adam Hill since 2006? Judge issues gag order @thespec,, Twitter Post: November 12,2075 "Until abusive cops are processed like domestic abusers we accept this...ljudge all but weeps for G20 cop: @RDiManno https:l/', Twitter Post: November 13, 2015 "@richardwamica @AbigailCTV @BrantfordPolice @SIUOntario @EXPSGamble @Ont_Ombudsman his bullets impacted many lives.', Twitter Post: November 13, 2015 "@richardwarni ca @AbigailcTv @BrantfordPolice @SlUOntario @EXPSGamble @ont_ombudsman Ask cops chief & principals: what do you know from Adam?" Twitter Post: November 13, 2015 "@richardwarnica @AbigailCTV @Brantfordpolice @SlUOntario @EXPSGamble @ont-ombudsman https:l lj4eqDuRpJV please name officers in caption." -5Twitter Post: November 13, 2015 "@richardwarnica @AbigailCTV @BrantfordPolice @SlUOntario @EXPSGamble @ont_ombudsman You've got to be killing me. who answered for Adam Hill?" Twitter Post: November 13, 2015 "Why is it still almost impossible to fire bad cops? https:/lt.colmXobGSHKah via @nationalpost" Twitter Post: November 13,2015 "@richardwamica "why is it still almost impossible to fire bad cop?"..They and their counsel will fire back. NOBODY wants in line for that," Twitter Post: November 14,2015 @CTVKitchener @ AbigailCTv @ S ru Ontari Hit me with your best shot. Fire away! Benatar] @EXPSGamble https ://" " @BrantfordPolice o Twitter Post: Nove mber 14,2015 "@BrantfordPolice @CTVKitchener @AbigailCTv @SruOntario @EXPSGamble Intrusion Upon your Delusions;Need transparent disclosure for kid's sake!" Twitter Post: November 14, 2015 "@BrantfordPolice @EXPSGamble @Abigailcrv Heaven help us if "nameless" still has loaded gun-or.did @sluontario word-smith out of report too?" Twitter Post: November 14, 2015 "Good cops 'turn in' bad apples or 'turn into' them: https:l lt.colztdJBHl-zHl @nationalpost" Twitter Post: November 18,2015 "@cBCToronto @kimvie unlike serial killer @Brantfordpolice Adam Hill's victims, need more accountability than wordsmithing from @slUontario ." Twitter Post: November 25,2015 "@BPschiefNelson @bhncdsb Dedicated to apprising parents/students of serial killer Adam Hill? Obfuscate to celebrate? https:llt.colLuMAVUva2V', -6Twitter Post: November 28, 207 5 "@BrantfordPolice with logic like this, where can we be headed? @TorontoStar https// lqTBqulfb1J" : Twitter Post: November 30, 2015 "@thejohffobson Why cary a knife which when exposed causes some cops to kill you to get home to family? @blatchkikf' Twitter Post: November 30, 2015 "@briandavidearp methodology applies interestingly to @BrantfordPolice *vast majority exonerating @ SIUOntario reports https I I ldQZPAy2Kne" : Twitter Post: December 2,2015 @Ont_AndreMarin @BrantfordPolice Wordsmithing takes time @SIUOntario exonerating serial killer Adam Hiil since 2006?" " Twitter Post: December 2,2015 "@jonkay @oe_warmington It used to be perps would get capital punishment by judge and jury - not cop and mouthpiece. hfips://" Twitter Post: December 3,2015 "@SlUOntario Vast difference -hockey players VS police- REFEREEI SIU nixes penalties for shooting. Five for Fi ghting? https ://t. coiTToAeIPMzp" Twitter Post: December 4,2015 "@EXPSGamble @SlUOntario @m_meilleur Let's demand over serial killer @BrantfordPolice Adam Hill suppressed evidence ! https //t. co/8Nf5rag6 GH" : Twitter Post: December 6,2015 "@danielletakacs @BrantfordPolice @SlUOntario closer to Btfd <26yrs ago Andrew Osidacz Benjamin Wood Evan Jones ... https I I t.colLwI4Ake!)KZ" : Twitter Post: December 8, 2015 "@TheExpositor We issue cops guns to execute for lesser crimesl "3yrs-in the death of 1 7-month-old son reprehensible" https://t.colyfBT3F17Nl" Twitter Post: December 9,2015 "@MarcLaferriere Chart $3OM-police but no cost of serial killings SIU investigation reopened 1 /1 5-Why still in limbo?" -7Twitter Post: December 14,2015 "@BrantfordPolice abuse of force not repulsive as comrpt govt @SUOntario & @TorontoStar blind eye wink to serial killer Adam Hill cake walk" Twitter Post: December i4, 2015 "@Ont_AndreMarin Same might be said of ending @SlUOntario investigation of @BrantfordPolice with a period of silence. https ://t. co/VsgvEyQ 8ki. " Twitter Post: December 16, 2015 "@Ont_AndreMarin Cops lie? That iS news to @BrantfordPolice and @SlUOntario https ://t. co/wogvxApdTW" Twitter Post: January 12,2016 "police suicides' names on memorials @torontostar Be fair. Put @BrantfordPolice Adam Hillls serial victims on as well" Twitter Post: January 15,2016 #MakingAMurderer shocking in Wl-but #MakingASerialKillerCop exposing ON 1Oyr spree @BrantfordPolice Silent Hill officials #TrollsRule" " 1 Oyrs Twitter Post: January 17,2016 "Gives me nightmares thinking he was patrolling our schools." "Its been way too long for Evan Jones family who they lost to Hill's shooting" "@Ont_AndreMarin @m_meilleur Secret? Where is annual update on reopened @ S IUOntari o investi gation @BrantfordPolice serial killer Adam Hill?" The aforesaid complained of words, phrases and statements, and their juxtaposition to one another, in their natural and ordinary meanings, inferences and innuendos, were and are false and defamatory of the Plaintiffs and were published with express malice or with reckless disregard for the truth and were calculated to disparage and injure their reputation to the world at large. The Plaintiffs further state that the words written by the Defendant and as set out above, are maliciously false allegations amounting to libel. of them and concerning their reputation and character -8- DEFAMATORY MEANING WITHOUT LIMITING the generality of the natural and ordinary meaning andlor innuendos in the aforesaid published words complained of as described above and produced on Richard Chmura Sr.'s Twitter feeds, the Brantford Police Services Board and Adam Hill state that the said defamatory statements meant and were understood to mean, inter alia, that the Plaintiffs: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (0 (g) (h) (i) C) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) engage in criminal and unlawful conduct; are dishonest; are corrupt; cannot protect citizens; cannot fulfil their duties and mandate; shoot innocent people; kill innocent people; target and kill people; murder for gratification; are, or sanction and condone, serial killing by officers; conspire to exonerate guilty parties; conspire to obstruct justice; conspire to engage in criminal activity; hide and falsify evidence; sanction criminal conduct; act dishonestly for their own gain; and are unscrupulous all of which meanings are false and defamatory. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the Plaintiffs demand that the Libel and any and all defamatory publications of and conceming it be immediately removed by the Defendant on his online Twiuer feed. -9AND TAKE NOTICE that, the Plaintiffs hereby preserve their right of action against you and an action for libel may be commenced against you as a result of the aforesaid defamatory publications in which damages for libel will be claimed along with pre-Judgment interest from the date of this Notice pursuant to the courts of Justice Act. Dated: January 25,2016 Siskinds LLp Barristers & Solicitors 680 Waterloo Street London, ON N6A 3V8 Michael A. Polvere-LSUC #55107G Tel: (519) 660-7708 Fax: (519) 660-7709 Lawyers for Brantford Police Services Board and Adam Hill TO: Richard Chmura Brantford, Ontario N3R 1T2 update May 3, 2019 This was an illegal takedown that failed. Derek McElveny Tony Loparco Andrew Balog Chitra Rao MPP Cam Jackson Self-Represented Litigant Richard Chmura Originating process filed against me served in Florida 2007. Voluminous proceedings-Ontario Superior Court/Ontario Court of Appeal until costs decision finally confirmed by RSJ Harrison Arrell as "files are closed" November 13, 2018 with $0 awarded against me from 9-day civil jury trial in April 2015. Final result: $0 paid of $300k damages claimed! $0 paid of $70k total awarded for motions costs orders and Bullock order. Unprecedented coup for one non-lawyer conducting all matters against 18 practicing lawyers appearing at 42 proceedings before 21 judges. Pièce de résistance: Original website remains active online with no apology. REMARKS FROM THE BENCH by Arrell, J. as he was then in the Ontario Superior Court May 15, 2008: "Thank you. Mr. Chmura, I want to thank you, sir for your flexibility and your compromise today, and the responsible way you've handled this. It was a difficult situation, and I know you've been inconvenienced in coming up here and I want you to know the court appreciated the attitude that you've taken today..."