FLASH..psychiatrist Ms "flashenfreude" anonymous file transfer of Daffy Leaks! THE HUMANITY!
Adam "Lightning Strikes Twice...er no...Thrice...er..." Hill returns to "hero's welcome" in Brantford
Jordy Schmutz
Bob "what reasonable grounds" Kindon
John "that judge is a F***n idiot" Renwick
Derek "Smoke 'em if ya got 'em boys" McElveny/Vic "vikileaks" Toews/Phil McColeman/Parole Board of Canada Retirement Home
Jeff "Block the Ref" Kelner
Cam "Jacked Ass" Jackson
Dalton "God's Work" McGuinty
Dave "Lame Duck" Levac
Geoff 'c. p. file planting' Nelson (Stachurski's cameo recording airing in Cuba and...only)
Gary "on watch" Thompson
Rich "Paydirt" Paolini
Don "Clouseau" Pancoe
Mark "dead men do tell tales" Stachurski
Michael "Drive By" Bryant
Chris "Get" Bentley
John "Goofy" Gerretsen
Madeleine "should have been" Meilleur
Yasir "Nappy" Naqvi
Jagmeet "complete forensic record of the email deletes" Singh
Ian "Hop Scotch" Scott
Andre "The Giant Footprint" Marin
Tony "Lap Dog" Laparco
Michael "Jeagerbombed Sally Ann Seaward" Jaeger
Karl "Do nothing unless forced to" Beyer
Deborah Ditchfield
Pat "shlemiel schlemazel" Chmiel
Susan "are you going to Stand Down now?" Gamble (no Susan, and you can bet I never will)
Wendy "green about the" Gillis
Vincent "Dropped the" Ball
John Pearson
Walter "expose the wolfpack" Fox
Greg "hazed" Summerhayes
Harrison Arrell
Allen "Sharp Wit" Whitten
James "As the 3rd World Turns to Him during 35 trips to Haiti" Turnbull - when was last CanLII reported hearing?
Robert "white knight" Nightingale -when was last CanLII reported hearing?
David A. "fraud squad" Broad
Speeding Cop in SUV
Michael 'the SLAPPer' Polvere
Benjamin "waterboarded" Wood
Evan "fatal warning shots in the back" Jones
Glenn Stuart
Bill "noisy wheel" Manuel
Christine Perruzza
John "duped" Davies
Bryan "Embroiled" Embree
Richard "Bogged Down Under" Ogden
Roger "Old Busy Bod" D. McConchie
Brian MacLeod Rogers
Dr. Chitra Rao
David "lost his mig" Migicovski
Len "ain't gonna happen" Ellens Jr. (Rtd)
James "Anal Attentive" Ramsay
"Doubting" Thomas "why are these big meters ticking" Lofchik
John "motion is disingenous at best" Murray
Justice Michael 'Token' Tulloch
Father "confession revelations"

Molly "the Master Mole" Ringwald (not her real name even on screen with her treasure trove of surreptitiously recorded justice obstruction)

with so much (in)justice becoming unobstructed by moles the list will keep growing... where will it end? Who can sleep? Who cannot? Who should not?
... stay tuned

amazing in-depth record of so many- some grainy, some crystal clear - all maintained outside jurisdiction with secure back-up
an epic documentary: sure to embarrass as many (and their legacy) as it exalts.

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