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Why are you looking at white wash?
Update June 27, 2018 Troll's Revenge
Update June 29, 2018 why Troll goes berserk over gratuitous column
Update July 3, 2018 New Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney on a mission for Brantford
Update July 23, 2018 Ford administration responding to Brantford's historic serial killer cop fiasco with bigger guns than the McArthur plan-making Hiroshima look like a candle in the WolfPack's eyes.
Update July 26, 2018 Unlike the terror of big city shooting sprees by a citizen brandishing an illegal weapon on the Danforth in Toronto, small town Brantford has much worse to fear from the terror of a serial killing...
Update July 27, 2018. "I am now a woman I won. The end."
Update August 4, 2018 Brantford Ontario Superior Court users beware: Ontario lawyer facing ... forgery charges.
Update August 15, 2018. Judge rules against privilege for rag troll, Susan Clairmont
Update August 13, 2018 The most deplorable crimes are those commited by a judge, a police official or a lawyer who abuse position and power to delay owning up to lethal mistakes. When such cancerous lesions combine, they mock civil society at their eventual extended and festered peril. "fraud unravels everything"
Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass gas. Do not collect one million dollars.