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Why are you looking at white wash?
Clearly, Justice Mary Jo McLaren knows who Susan Clairmont is; apparently niether a reporter nor a journalist. Not even a columnist... more of an exhibitionist-or as euphemized on The Hamilton Spectator Website: "featured". Susand Clairmont was hired to be a terrorist (in her own words: "I’ll take you smack into the middle of the action and then light the fuse.”) Her IED's are lethal. Ask Benjamin Wood and Evan Jones. Susan Clairmont now has been relegated to writing stories about herself.
Justice Mary Jo McLaren must be well aware of how politicians, lawyers, police and "press" who are overinvested in their own cases twist the court of public opinion in ways devastating and lethal to those swamped in the twisted wake of selective reporting.
A previous Susan Clairmont story is coming back, totally uncovered, to bite a series of judges and their parties. No more such rag trolls allowed in Justice Mary Jo McLaren's courtroom. Bravo!
August 15, 2018: Andrea Horwath has complained that a press ..."is supposed to be for the press, not for ...hangers-on to create a ruckus."
Hard not to take the Hamilton Spectator' editorial board as the definition of hypocrites when, as the Spec's featured [Susan] Clairmont herself says, she was hired “to create a ruckus.” In his October 2 [2 decades ago] column introducing Clairmont’s inaugural piece, LaPointe called her “brave and proud to represent the underdog.”
That's the Spec's Suzy; hanging on to dogs creating a ruckus. Fatally unfortunate ruckus for Benjamin Wood and Evan Jones et al. The Spec needs to own up to Suzy's ruckus, not ignore their own fake news monsters. Disingenuous at best.